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  1. If the plans are available after retirement, are they also available if you leave ULA to seek employment elsewhere?

    Will members be able to vote on changes after retirement?

    What are the expected cost increases? Yearly? Will they be based on BCBS costs incurred or COLA?

    1. Thanks for your questions!

      1) The plans will be available after retirement or departing from ULA for anyone that chooses to continue to pay dues. So long as you are a member of the lodge you will have access to the plans.
      2) Yes, you will be able to vote on any changes that affect you after retirement so long as you have paid retirement dues, which is very reasonable. I think a one time $20 or $30 fee covers your retirement dues.
      3) The expected increases are the same as we see right now. Granted, nothing is guaranteed, especially when it comes to healthcare, but we are expecting to see an average of 7-8% increases each year. For the member, depending on plan chosen, that translates to about a $10 increase per month.

  2. Will the IAM health insurance still be available for interested members post final contract agreement? Is there a way to make auto payments and drop ULA insurance January 2019?

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