Friends of LL44

Friends of Local Lodge 44


This page will be updated regularly to include all sisters and brothers, local lodges, businesses, politicians, etc. that have reached out and supported our workers during the 2018 Strike.


All of us at LL44 leadership, members and their families wishes to express our most sincere thanks in going above and beyond the call to come out and picket with us, honor our picket lines, deliver goods and calls/emails of support. We recommend anyone within the reach of this page to support these Businesses to the fullest extent possible. If there is someone we missed I sincerely apologize. Please contact [email protected] and we will certainly get your information up.


  1. Mrs. Alison Washington from AFLAC, called to show her support and also contacted the Teamsters Local 402 to solicit their help.
  2. Sister Sandy Shinn, Brothers Anthony Holton and Shane Forbes from IAM&AW Local Lodge 2003 drove 10 hours yesterday to walk the line with us the majority of the day. They also delivered numerous needed items to each of our picket lines. Brother Anthony Holton was instrumental in getting our message out to the local media while we awaited Brother Tony Wirth‘s arrival.
  3. Mr. Richard Summerville of United Benefits has contacted us and expressed his regrets we couldn’t negotiate a fair contract and offered to help in any way needed, including delivering picket items.
  4. Teamsters Local 402 stopped by this morning to let us know they have informed all customers at and including ULA that they will honor our picket line and will not deliver to them. They also donated water and ice for the line.
  5. Brother Charlie Borden from IAM LL65 TVA stopped by to show their solidarity and offer help any way needed.
  6. Brother James Little drove all the way from the great State of Texas to deliver our version of Tory Bruno to the main gate. Thanks brother! Your trip made for a wonderful display of solidarity and put a lot of smiles on people’s faces.
  7. Brother Mike Underwood, the President of IAM 2766, right across the river in Huntsville dropped off a truck load of supplies to show their support. We would like to thank all of those sisters and brothers at Boeing.
  8. Thanks Scott Bryant at Bank Street Grill for the great wraps sent to the folks on the line.
  9. Alison Washington came out and delivered Chick-fil-A Southwest Decaturto everyone on the line and office
  10. United Steelworkers Local 203A in Decatur, Alabama stopped in and delivered a load of supplies for the picket line.
  11. Amy Scott Wasyluka for State Senate came out to show her support for our members and organized labor. 
  12. Once again, our friends from IAM&AW Local Lodge 2003 and Iam District 75 drove over 10 hours to show their support for us. Thanks to Brothers, James PowellJonathan Kruse, Randy Garrett and Mike Cooke for their support. 
  13. CWA3905 over in Huntsville, Alabama stopped in, walked the line with us and brought Hardees biscuits out for everyone.

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